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Reduce motorway speeds in wet weather, say drivers Reduce motorway speeds in wet weather, say drivers Seven-in-10 drivers would like lower motorway speed limits in wet weather, according to new research from the RAC. Road accident statistics from the Department for Transport (DfT) show that 246 people were killed or seriously injured on UK motorways in 2019 when the road surface was damp, wet or flooded An RAC survey of more than 2,000 drivers suggest that 72% would like to see the standard 70mph speed limit on motorways reduced in wet weather to improve road safety and encourage better driving habits. A third (33%) said the limit should be reduced to 60mph in the wet, less than one in 10 (7%) think it should be cut to 65mph, while almost one in six (17%) said they would like an even lower limit of 55mph or even 50mph. One in seven (14%) would like to see the limit cut but were not sure by how much. France cuts its speed limits during inclement weather, with the 130km/h (80mph) limit reduced to 110km/h (68mph – a reduction of around 12mph). Rod Dennis, from the RAC, said: “Statistically, the UK has some of the safest motorways in Europe but it’s also the case that there hasn’t been a reduction in casualties of all severities on these roads since 2012, so perhaps there’s an argument for looking at different measures to help bring the number of casualties down. “Overall, our research suggests drivers are broadly supportive of lower motorway speed limits in wet conditions, as is already the case across the Channel in France. And, while most drivers already adjust their speed when the weather turns unpleasant, figures show that ‘driving too fast for the conditions’ and ‘slippery roads’ are still among the top 10 reasons for motorway collisions and contribute to significant numbers of serious injuries and even deaths every year.” Of the reasons given by drivers who advocate lower motorway speed limits in the wet, 78% said they felt lower limits would encourage some drivers to slow down, while 72% believed it might save lives, so is worth trying. Two-thirds (65%) said slower speeds might improve visibility with less spray from moving vehicles, and half (53%) felt it would reduce overall vehicle speeds, even if some people ignored the lower limit. Among the fifth of drivers (21%) who are against the idea of a lower motorway speed limit in bad weather, a majority said it was because most drivers already adjust their speed to the conditions (54%), or because there would be difficulty in defining when the new limit should apply (60%). Four in 10 (42%) said many drivers choose to ignore existing speed limits anyway and a similar proportion (41%) thought drivers wouldn’t obey a lower motorway limit. When asked whether a lower speed limit in the wet should be posted on stretches of motorway that already feature variable speed limit signage, including smart motorways, 73% of drivers were in favour, with 15% against the idea and 11% unsure. “The overall success of any scheme would of course depend on sufficient numbers of motorists reducing their speed, but even just a proportion reducing their speed in the wet would be likely to improve the safety of the UK’s motorways,” continued Dennis. “There would also be a number of practical hurdles to be overcome such as deciding what that lower limit would be, updating the Highway Code and fitting roadside signage to inform drivers of the new limits. “Finally, it’s worth remembering that an increasing number of stretches of motorway no longer have permanent 70mph limits, as all smart motorways feature speed limits which are automatically adjusted to ease congestion based on traffic flow. “With digital signs now so commonplace, arguably the means exist to conduct a trial to see whether there are safety benefits of setting different speed limits in inclement weather.” Highway Code Rule 227 states that stopping distances in wet weather are at least double those required for stopping on dry roads.

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She’s seen a variety of lead time, through the end of this year and into 2022 while others want to travel within 30-60 days. “I don't mind that the travel rates may be higher. My phone has been constantly ringing and I'm excited that so many are seeing the value in using a travel advisor now.” “With the high travel demand, the inventory has gone down of course. There may be limited availability on a specific room category at the resort of the customer's choice or no availability at all for their travel dates,” Roberson-Wood added. Riya Chaisson, a travel advisor at Travel By Riya in Texas, InteleTravel affiliate, said her experience has been that people are booking only a month or two out to top destinations such as Miami, Vegas, and Mexico. She agreed, “Availability is becoming limited, so pricing is higher, but people are ready to travel. There are lots of promotions running and the suppliers are great and very helpful! I have been busy and booking like crazy. The key is being consistent, so people are ready to travel and know to reach out to you.” For support, Roberson-Wood said partners like Apple Leisure Group are helping by keeping agents informed of the safety protocols at the resorts, the Covid-19 restrictions in a destination, and by providing that extra touch for clients. For example, “I had a couple on vacation in Jamaica for the first time. I contacted the resort and asked if there were any extra amenities they could provide. They were happy to do so, and my customer stated that they were ‘Treated like royalty!’ It's very rewarding for me to create those lifetime memorable vacations for my customers.” “I have travelers inquiring and booking land destinations to Miami and Orlando, as well as all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and Jamaica,” said Carolyn Moody, a travel advisor with InteleTravel in North Carolina. “Airfare has been extremely high especially now since travel is on the rise,” Moody noted, adding that some clients are opting to find their own flights on other sites and some clients are driving to their destinations instead of paying for the expensive airfare. “My challenges have been the airlines, with so many flights canceling, and so many changes the airlines are making.” Overall the advisors highlight an upswing in booking sales for Inteletravel, a host agency hybrid based out of Delray Beach, Florida, which have increased 44% over 2019. The company is projecting a 15% increase in total booking sales by the end of 2021 with 68% of that coming from its land-based business. Due to the significantly low number of limited capacity ships sailing this year, InteleTravel's land/cruise business split has shifted from 60/40 in 2019 to 80/20 in 2021. There has been a lot of excitement in the industry as hotels see increasing occupancy, tour operators resume operations, and cruise lines depart for long-awaited sailings. More and more international destinations have opened their borders to foreign travelers, as the industry looks to recover from over a year and a half of a standstill. While international tourism is slowly picking up, rising concerns over the Delta variant of the virus have led several countries to reinstate some restrictive measures.