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Other artists likewise kept busy tracking the rapidly evolving virus visuals. In his lab in Melbourne, Berry specializes in designing dramatic, three-dimensional animations of the cellular world in motion. He has illustrated enzyme activities and the life cycle of the parasite that causes malaria; he has even projected giant virus visualizations on the sides of buildings. As Berry tracked the incoming science around COVID-19, he realized that he had the tools to show the virus in a new light—in three dimensions, and in motion. He and his colleagues had recently developed a new framework, built on the kinds of fast processors used for video games, to create high-resolution images of molecular detail. Berry saw animations as a way to promote outreach efforts based on more accurate depictions of the SARS-CoV-2 cycle. “I wanted to create a dynamic, flexible virus with all the spikes and everything else being driven by dynamics,” he says. So in early 2021, Berry released a series of animations showing a jittery, squishy viral particle attacked by orange antibodies that approach it like a flock of butterflies. In home those videos, the virus isn’t firm; the spikes aren’t menacing. The whole system looks nervous. Like Goodsell with his coloring book page, Berry began to hear from people who appreciated the depiction. “There were these delightful, little, small, fluttery little butterflies, and yet, they were attacking the virus,” he says. “And I was really delighted by that aspect. It also made it more emotional.” Laura Splan’s abstract, kaleidoscopic artworks in “Precarious Structures” are constructed with three-dimensional models of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. She combines molecular visualization software with digital imaging tools to create animations and prints. Image credit: ©2020 Laura Splan. These sorts of illustrations have helped enhance scientific literacy about viruses in recent months, says Laura Splan, a Brooklyn, NY-based artist who was inspired to create abstract representations of SARS-CoV-2. “Before the pandemic, this kind look at this of work was still kind of niche; it only had a certain audience,” she says.

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