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WHO recommends life-saving interleukin-6 receptor blockers for COVID-19 and urges producers to join efforts to rapidly increase access WHO recommends life-saving interleukin-6 receptor blockers for COVID-19 and urges producers to join efforts to rapidly increase access The World Health Organization (WHO) has updated its patient care guidelines to include interleukin-6 receptor blockers, a class of medicines that are lifesaving in patients who are severely or critically ill with COVID-19, especially when administered alongside corticosteroids.  These were the findings from a prospective and a living network meta-analysis initiated by WHO, the largest such analysis on the drugs to date. Data from over 10 000 patients enrolled in 27 clinical trials were considered.  These are the first drugs found to be effective against COVID-19 since corticosteroids were  recommended by WHO  in September 2020.  Patients severely or critically ill with COVID-19 often suffer from an overreaction of the immune system, which can be very harmful to the patient’s health. Interleukin-6 blocking drugs – tocilizumab and sarilumab – act to suppress this overreaction.   The prospective and living network meta-analyses showed that in severely or critically ill patients, administering these drugs reduce the odds of death by 13%, compared to standard care. This means that there will be 15 fewer deaths per thousand patients, and as many as 28 fewer deaths for every thousand critically ill patients. The odds of mechanical ventilation among severe and critical patients are reduced by 28%, compared with standard care. This translates to 23 fewer patients out of a thousand needing mechanical ventilation.  Clinical trial investigators in 28 countries shared data with WHO, including pre-publication data. Researchers worldwide compiled and analyzed the data. With the support of these critical partnerships, WHO has been able to issue a rapid and trustworthy recommendation for the use of interleukin-6 receptor blockers in severe and critical COVID-19 patients. “These drugs offer hope for patients and families who are suffering from the devastating impact of severe and critical COVID-19. But IL-6 receptor blockers remain inaccessible and unaffordable for the majority of the world,” said WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. “The inequitable distribution of vaccines means that people in low- and middle-income countries are most susceptible to severe forms of COVID-19. So, the greatest need for these drugs is in countries that currently have the least access. We must urgently change this.”  To increase access and affordability of these life-saving products, WHO calls on manufacturers to reduce prices and make supplies available to low- and middle-income countries, especially where COVID-19 is surging.  WHO also encourages companies to agree to transparent, non-exclusive voluntary licensing agreements using the C-TAP platform and the Medicines Patent Pool, or to waive exclusivity rights. In addition, WHO has launched an  expression of interest  for prequalification of manufacturers of interleukin-6 receptor blockers. Prequalification of innovator and biosimilar products aims to expand the availability of quality-assured products and to increase access through market competition and reduce prices to meet urgent public health needs.


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Thanks to our donors and sponsors for their support of local independent reporting. Join Marv Waterstone, Terry Bracy, and Curtis McCrary and contribute today! “Once the bad information gets out there, people have got to hear the truth and they’ve got to hear it from a credible source,” she said.  Logan and Ben Cotton, the CEO of the digital forensics company CyFIR, which is a subcontractor on the election review, made a number of claims during the July 15 briefing that have since been debunked. Chief among them is Logan’s claim about the 74,000 early ballots that has been the focus of Stop the Steal advocates in Arizona and across the country. Logan told Fann and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Warren Petersen that those early ballots were counted but “there is no clear record of them being sent.” He emphasized that he didn’t know whether there might be a good reason for that. For example, he speculated that it could’ve been the result of a clerical error. The county’s Twitter account speculated that Logan may not have understood that many early ballots are cast in person and are never mailed out. County election officials say about 209,000 people cast early ballots at in-person locations.  A spokesman for Logan would not explain how he reached his 74,000 figure. But the number appears to have come from a lack of understanding of the data contained in early voting reports that state law requires counties to provide to political parties. Counties must provide two reports: EV32 reports, which show daily early ballots requests from voters, and EV33 reports, which show early ballot returns by day. State law only requires counties to provide EV32 reports through the deadline for requesting early ballots by mail, while they must provide EV33 reports through Election Day. Some counties continue providing reports on early ballot requests after the deadline, but Maricopa County cut them off at the Oct. 23 deadline, said Sam Almy, a strategist with the Democratic campaign consulting firm Saguaro Strategies. The EV33 reports would show the returns for all early ballots cast in-person at early voting centers through Election Day, but in Maricopa County there were no corresponding reports showing which voters requested early ballots at those centers after Oct. 23, Almy said. ABC15 reporter Garrett Archer, who has a deep background in elections from his time working at the Secretary of State’s Office and as a Republican campaign operative, compared the reports and found 74,241 such early ballots , almost identical to the number Logan provided during the hearing.  Logan emphasized at the hearing, and his spokesman reiterated to the Mirror, that Maricopa County has repeatedly refused to cooperate with the audit team, to the point of refusing to even answer questions about election procedure and policy. However, Almy said there are plenty of political consultants, including Republicans, who could have explained the data to Logan if he’d asked. State Sen. Wendy Rogers, a Flagstaff Republican who has been one of the legislature’s most vocal audit supporters, tweeted confirmation on Friday that Logan got his numbers from the EV32 and EV33 reports. As Archer pointed out, those files are clearly dated, meaning it should have been obvious to anyone looking at them that there was a 10-day gap between the two. Logan also claimed that he found 11,326 voters who weren’t listed on the county’s post-election voter registration report but were on a follow-up report on Dec.